Radon Information

Water Testing

As homes have been constructed to modern energy efficient designs, any radon gas tends to accumulate in the interior spaces. In an older home, it would be common for the air to leak out so that fresh air was introduced 2 to 3 times per day. With today's construction methods, the inside air may only be refreshed every 2 days.

While all homes should have the base radon level measured, it is very important for modern homes to have this done. During a home inspection is the ideal time to do this. If the test result shows radion levels are high, it is common practice for the seller to install or make an allowance for a radon mitigation system to be installed. This could save you around $1000, big reward for an $85 investment.

I have a faster turn around time than most local inspection firms. After the radon kits have been in place for a minimum 48 hours, they are overnighted to a certified lab in North Carolina (Air Check Radon) and processed same day

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